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Lemon Social Features general questions

How to add Metamask Wallet 

As a payment option to increase your profits.

Once these steps are done one time then you never have to do it again.

Step 1. Click the link to download metamask on your browser. Follow the steps .


A good video to watch if you need some added help is here.


Step 2. We are going to add polygon Matic to your metamask wallet following the steps.

Connecting Metamask To Polygon

Switch the connected blockchain by clicking on the tab saying Main Ethereum Network, we need to add Polygon.Scroll down until you find Add Network.

Enter in the Polygon settings as follows:

Network name: Polygon Mainnet

RPC URL: https://polygon-rpc.com

Chain ID: 137

Currency: MATIC

Explorer: https://polygonscan.com/

You have now connected to the Polygon Mainnet with your Metamask Wallet!

It is that easy.

Step 3. Now to be able to use Lemon Social Tokens (LST)

Goto assets and scroll to the bottom of your wallet and click import tokens .

Then add 0x4ed35D55Bbf9af7FA5afC5fBbCe168f23C5A3411 in the contract name box, add a token symbol ( LST) and add 18 in the last box called decimal. Now you have added all you need to your wallet to be able to mint sale or buy Non fungible tokens on the site as well as accept cryptocurrency as payments.

How to mint NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens

To mint your work as and NFT make sure to have Polygon matic in your wallet and click Create NFT on the left side of the page on lemonsocial.com 

Create your NFT then follow the steps as provided. Click on mint NFT or Free minting.

This page will pop open. 

Follow the steps and make sure that if it is lockable content to upload it into the add lockable content section with the thumbnail added into the picture part and the video under lockable content. 

Select The Category 

Make sure to select the  category you would like for it to appear in. Make sure to select the correct category.


NFT royalties are sums of money given to the original designers of non-fungible tokens in exchange for using their creations (NFTs). In the world of business, royalties typically give the author a share of the sales or profits. Royalties for NFTs are often decided upon during the minting process by the owner.

Lemon social has them set up to 50% .The majority of NFT platforms allow the creator to select their royalty percentage, and payments are often made automatically upon each succeeding sale in the secondary market.

Video and Livestream Troubleshooting


In order to use Live Streams:

Give browser permissions to use your camera and microphone.

Browser recommendations:

On iOS - Safari

On Android - Google Chrome

On Desktop - All major browsers 

Free accounts are able to set a price to live streams

Check your Wi-Fi signal strength or internet connection

If you see a Red circle at the bottom of your livestream page - that means you have a weak internet connection

Yellow circle - average internet connection

Green circle - strong internet connect

One on One Video chat

Creators and Subscribers can do one on one video chats with each other by setting a price for video chat on the creator's page. The subscriber must have funds in the wallet to tip and start a call. The call is only charged once the creators pick up.

Lemon Social Watermark

Under "Privacy and safety" Settings, you can configure your watermark for videos or photos uploaded to your page. You can add custom text to your content. This is recommended and serves as a copyright protection feature.


  1. Click the link on the bottom left of your page that says "LS.TV," and it will take you to your free advertising station where you can create your own account and upload non-nude videos to promote your lemonsocial.com account.

LST tokens 

go here https://lstico.com or contact tokens@lemonsocial.com

to purchase your LST tokens, which can be used for selling NFTs, tipping, and paying your subscriptions.

Adding Metaverse Links For Sale

Once you have finished creating your area, adding the metaverse links for sale is fairly easy. Just adhere to the directions below. And then click on and copy the link for the metaverse, add the link, add a description and a price, and then post. Only those who pay the charge will see your link.




Lemonque allows you to post a post or schedule a message for a certain time to be posted. 


You can then set and schedule it here when this box pops open.



The "lemonbox Content" is automatically created when you add a new photo or post to your account so you don't have to submit it every time you want to utilize it. You can select the image or video you want to reuse, add it to a new post or mass mail, and set the price by clicking on your lemonbox symbol on the left side of the page.