Add Paxum



Step 1.

Paxum Bank is one of the easiest payout methods we can find for content creators online. What you need to do is first create an account at Paxum Bank ( click here for personal accounts


Step 2.  Follow the steps on the Paxum bank account you are setting up and verify your account with them. Once you are verified you can goto your account and goto the top right click admin areas the scroll down the page to the bottom left side where it says withdraw methods.

Click on withdraw methods and click on the Paxum box add your email associated with your Paxum account and click save. 


The minimum withdrawal amount is $50 USD the Maximum is $50k USD and you can withdraw when you choose to do so. 


To withdraw goto the admin area below withdraw methods and you will see the withdraw button. Click on it, select the amount you would like to withdraw and then click withdraw it will send us a request in admin and we check it daily to submit the withdraws but it could take up to 3 business days to receive it. 



Paxum offers many features for content creators. Number one they are one of the safest withdrawal methods on that market that allow adult content creators to earn money and use their system.

With Paxum Bank you can apply for a Paxum card linked directly to your account and pay for anything you would with a regular card online or in the real world. You can use it for withdrawals at the atm or transfer. You can as well link your personal or business banking directly to their services.  But best of all you do not need to worry about them holding and tying up your funds because you are an online adult content creator. They have a great and easy to use KYC process as well and similar to the one we use on