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The first ever platform for content creators to take a step beyond their posts into the metaverse, mint their NFTs, and have the option to get paid in cryptocurrency. Earn from subscriptions, posts, live streams, and NFTs.

Lemon Social Was Founded By Creators For Creators!

Join us for an elevated platform experience. One that is focused on expanding your network and access to subscribers, in order to ensure you maximize your financial results as a creator.


Only pay $199 per month and 5% of your earnings.


0 monthly fee and 15% of your earnings.


Earn 5% monthly on All direct verified creators you referrer using your referral code.


Earn additional income by selling Non Fungible Tokens, NFT


The content creators for the first time ever have exclusive access to come on and create a metaverse room within their accounts so that they can invite their subscribers for group or one on one experiences in the metaverse with them.

NFTs Non Fungible Tokens

Lemon Social is the first website for content creators to integrate blockchain technology to safeguard user material against scammers. In addition, creators have the option of minting their work into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and can earn royalties.

LemonSocial TV

Free advertising to promote creators work online.. All Lemonsocial creators with verified accounts are able to post their individual promotional films to lemonsocial.tv in order to help promote their creations.


Below Deck: Mediterranean Jessica More

Hello, I am Jessica More. As the Chief Talent Officer (CTO) of Lemon Social and a member of the board, I wanted to let everyone know that we are the first platform to combine NFTs with content creators, allowing creators to keep 95% of their money with the potential to earn much more. We use the most advanced capabilities of blockchain technology, live streaming, and video conferencing. Whether you are an artist, cook, model, or blogger, everyone is welcome to create on Lemon Social. We have designed the most comprehensive platform for maintaining your subscribers. As a fellow creator we at Lemon Social appreciate you. Join us now to see this for yourself.

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On Lemon Social you may use the Lemon Social Tokens to buy our products, tips, and even NFTs and trade cards. The LST was developed on the Polygon Blockchain and is for sale here. Simply click here to learn more. Ensure that you download and setup your wallet in order to accept cryptocurrencies if you so want.

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