Cookies Policy

**Cookie Notice - Effective: Sept 2022**


**What Are Cookies?**


Cookies are small strings of text or computer code stored locally on your device to identify your browser and/or device as you browse the internet. They allow websites and services to "remember" or "recognize" your browser or device and, in some cases, store information about it.


**How Long Are Cookies Stored on My System?**


- **Session Cookies:** These are stored for the duration of a browser session and are deleted when you close the browser.

- **Persistent Cookies:** These are stored for a preset amount of time (e.g., 90 days to two years) and are not deleted when you close the browser. For example, if you select "Remember Me," your two-step verification status is stored for 30 days.


**What Cookies Do We Use and Why?**


1. **Necessary Cookies:** These are essential for browsing the Services and accessing certain pages. They don't collect personal data.

   - Cookie Names: auth_id, auth_uid_hash.


2. **Performance Cookies:** These gather information about how users interact with the Services to improve content.

   - Cookie Names: sess, csrf, fp, ref_src, ref.


3. **Functionality Cookies:** These remember information or choices you've made on the Services for a personalized experience.

   - No specific cookie names mentioned.


**Third-Party Functionality:**


We don't control cookies used by third-party sites. Check the terms of service and privacy policies of third-party providers for more information.


**How Do I Control Cookies and Tracking Technologies?**


Most browsers accept cookies by default, but you can adjust settings to delete, block, or receive notifications for new cookies. Disabling certain cookies may impact user experience. Additionally, you can manage browser add-ons like Adobe Flash cookies.


Please note that disabling certain technologies may limit access to specific features or services that enhance your online experience.