Lemon Social Wants to Know!

If you believe anyone is violating (1) any law; or (2) any Company policy such as inappropriate

conduct, we need to please know about it immediately. There are multiple options for you to let

us know about your concerns:

  Online: Our add link and your name lemon social allows you

to submit your concerns online 24/7;

 In writing: Any concern may be submitted in writing via a written statement

and provide to [HR] or [Legal Department 

Lemon Social L.L.C.

1000 Brickell Ave Ste 715

Miami, Florida 33131

No Re

Timing is Crucial

Please notify the Company promptly if you are aware of any violations of law or Company policy.

Prompt reporting will serve to enhance the Company’s ability to investigate effectively and to

preserve important evidence for future proceedings, including, for example, legal and disciplinary


Confidentiality is Critical

Confidentiality is critical to help ensure all concerns and complaints are reviewed and (as

appropriate) investigated objectively and fairly to everyone involved. Please know that all

concerns and complaints are important to us; however, depending on the nature and complexity

of the issue, it will take time to evaluate the concern. Subject to all laws and Company policies,

we will keep you apprised of developments. Please know that in some circumstances we may

not be able to share with you the resolution or specific actions taken by the Company.

Anonymous Complaints

Please know that all complaints are reviewed and handled with care and concern for our

employees. If a concern is reported anonymously, it will be reviewed to the extent possible.

However, anonymous complaints may affect the Company’s ability to investigate and respond



No one may be discouraged from notifying the Company of any complaint or concern. If you

believe that you or anyone that has filed a claim is receiving any type of negative treatment as a

result of notifying the Company of a concern, please notify [any member of the Executive team]

or [HR] immediately.
Acknowledge that
all such reported complaints will be reviewed and resolved within seven
business days

Creators, please be aware that you cannot delete content that subscribers have paid for during a 60-day period due to potential chargebacks. This policy is in place to minimize chargebacks that could impact your withdrawals.


1000 Brickell Ave Ste 715

Miami, Florida 33131